About us

Welcome to Taotech Digital Technology Co., LTD., a pioneering force in the realm of digital inkjet printing equipment. Established in 2006, our commitment to innovation and excellence has propelled us to the forefront of the industry. We specialize in a diverse range of cutting-edge printing solutions designed to meet the needs of various industries.

Our Products

At Taotech, we offer a comprehensive array of digital inkjet printing equipment. Our product lineup includes top-of-the-line offerings such as DTF T-shirt printers, UV DTF label printers, white ink hot stamping printers, crystal label printers, automatic powder returning and shaking machines, water-based leather printers, and more. Renowned for their high quality, our products have earned us a stellar reputation in the market.

Market Presence

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has resulted in widespread acclaim. Our DTF T-shirt printers stand as the number one choice in the USA and European markets, while our UV DTF label printers lead the market with a mature and complete production line. Taotech's products are not only best-sellers in nearly 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions within China but have also reached international markets, including the United States, Germany, Italy, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and other European and American countries.

Customer-Centric Approach

At the heart of our success is a customer-centric philosophy. We take pride in the support and trust we've garnered from our valued customers. The combination of high-quality products and excellent services has solidified our position as a trusted partner in the digital printing industry.

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