With the powder shaking machine, you can directly print hollow hot stamping

What is hot stamping powder shaking machine? With the fire of hollow stamping printer into people's advance, simply put is an automatic hot-melt powder machine, originally can be manually shaken powder and reheating, but with this powder shaking machine can automatically sprinkle powder, shake powder, heating, drying, one-stop printing hot stamping finished products, improve work efficiency.


 This kind of thermography powder shaking machine of Taitao Digital is to print the hollow out pattern of white ink pattern, and then use the thermography machine to evenly shake the hot melt powder on the white ink part, and then heat and dry, so that you can directly print the hollow hot stamping finished product. And can achieve a customized, so it is very suitable for personalized hot print clothing customization.


 Shaking powder machine is automatic and intelligent in design, with simple and clear buttons, simple and easy to learn to operate, as long as through professional training, it will soon be able to use.