Digital printing machine as a once sensational “stall magic”, is a very hot start-up machine, covers an area of not large, simple operation, only need to be equipped with shaking powder machine press machine to complete the production, and with the explosion of the personalized custom market, whether it is clothing or home textile products, the demand for personalized printing is increasing, so What kind of white ink stamping printing machine is more suitable for business?

Taotech digital white ink stamping printing machine, a key to print hollow pattern, white color with out, no lettering, hollow, engraving, no waste, no pollution, one-stop printing stamping finished products, convenient and fast, is a major innovation in the history of digital printing, using genuine Epson I3200-A1 printhead, quality assurance. And the equipment also has “a key breathable”, “automatic powder” and “arbitrary film” and other patents, is a small cost business, a powerful assistant to enter the printing industry.

Just edit the pattern through the computer can be directly output printing, no plate, a key to print, very convenient, inexperienced white can easily get started. Suitable for major colleges and universities and companies, business units, etc. using DIY mode of creation of extremely personalized group T-shirt, class uniform T-shirt, graduation commemorative T-shirt, association clothing, fan clothing, dormitory clothing, team uniforms, couples T-shirt, personalized T-shirt and other group or individual T-shirt. Formation of small factory printing processing, design companies to type, etc.

Taotech Digital’s white ink stamping printing machine has 2, 3, 4 head printing machine to choose from, each equipment has its own advantages, according to the capacity needs to choose the best equipment, and to provide a more complete printing solution. White ink stamping printer can be operated by one person more than one device, no minimum quantity requirements to achieve a starting order, proofing and bulk speed can be completed quickly, the color is bright and delicate realistic, white ink stamping can easily achieve photo-level effect. And the printing pattern wash fastness to more than 3 levels, stretching does not deform. White ink stamping completely subvert the traditional printing printing tedious process, printing stamping pattern only need to provide high-definition picture file, the whole computer software operation, save time and effort, is a very good business equipment.

Ltd. to “innovation and leadership, customer service” for the purpose of the enterprise, gathered a number of high-tech talent, formed a perfect R & D, production, sales, pre-sales and after-sales service system. The factory covers an area of more than 5,000 square meters, with a clear division of production areas and a clear division of labor. Actively participate in large exhibitions at home and abroad, the products are widely concerned by customers at home and abroad, the products are sold at home and abroad, the quality of products is reliable. 2016 identified as Zhongshan City Engineering Technology Research Center, is a national high-tech enterprises.

Independent research and development is the fundamental driving force for the development of technology-based enterprises. Taotech Technology focuses on independent research and development of digital printing equipment and printing control system with excellent performance, and aspires to become an innovative and creative independent brand. Over the past fifteen years, we have focused on digital printing equipment, studied the core technology of digital printing equipment, improved the production process of digital printing equipment, and have a number of patents, achieved certain results in the field of digital printing equipment, to create a green printing business perseverance, hard work.

Strength manufacturers, trustworthy, pre-sales and after-sales service guarantee complete, for your business road escort! Interested friends can visit the factory to understand!