Crystal paste is a layer of glue, white ink, varnish, etc. in a special PP release paper printed into patterns, trademarks, etc., and then covered with transfer film, and then use the transfer film to bring up the pattern transfer attached to the surface of the object of a decorative process. It can realize one piece of printing, no need to make a plate, that is, to play that out, greatly eliminating all kinds of tedious operation steps and process, whether it is LOGO trademark or gradient pattern, “matte mode”, “bright mode, no light oil mode and other modes of effect can be achieved. Crystal paste is very wide range of applications, stickers can be attached to the place where the crystal paste can basically be attached, after the launch of the consumer recognition, all walks of life can see the application of crystal paste case.

Crystal sticker market is vast, the demand is also gradually increasing, so how should businesses choose a reliable crystal sticker processing plant? Crystal signage printer manufacturer prices

1, has a large independent factory: the printing plant has a large independent plant, advanced printing equipment, stable process technology, skilled production team, can guarantee the quality of crystal stickers as well as the speed of processing work. Crystal label printer customization

2, crystal sticker product customization cost-effective: printing factory should be committed to providing customers with cost-effective label products, private customization, according to customer demand for private customization. label uv printer how much a

3, the integrity of the business: with high quality crystal sticker products to win the trust of customers, integrity management, with a sound pre-sales and after-sales service system, a good reputation in the industry. The difference between crystal label printer and uv machine

Ltd. was established 16 years ago is one of them, Taotech digital market demand-oriented, technology-supported, deep excavation of market pain points, products, whether from the appearance, configuration, performance or application program, relative to the industry’s existing products are innovative existence, favored by customers. Shenzhen crystal label printer

After summarizing the existing printing process in the market, Taotech Digital summarized the advantages of each process and launched a more powerful and productive Taotech Digital 60 crystal label printing and laminating all-in-one machine. The body of the device adopts a solid steel frame, equipped with high-quality well-known brand Hansen board card, high-precision printing nozzles, double guarantee printing quality; with imported silent guide, mold integration of large platform, printing more stable and smooth; there is a negative pressure cycle ink circuit, printing more smooth; heating ink bladder to prevent flying ink, broken ink, reduce the sensitivity of UV ink to the temperature, summer and winter without shutdown; configuration of separate light oil UV lamp, light oil printing effect is brighter. Light oil printing effect is brighter; more 1.8-liter large-capacity alarm ink barrel, timely replenishment of ink, improve efficiency, to achieve unlimited patterns and colors. At present, Taotech digital crystal label batch processing and machine orders continue, a starting print hot orders, welcome customers with demand for contact details! Crystal label printer factory direct sales