What equipment is needed for crystal label printing? The first and foremost is naturally a crystal label printer, at first from the UV printer or UV flatbed printer transformation, followed by the need for a laminating machine to laminate to complete the production of crystal labels. These two devices are necessary to complete the crystal label printing machine, one is indispensable. With the further development of the crystal label market, functional integration of the equipment began to appear, better to free manual labor, production efficiency has increased significantly.

When screening the crystal label printing equipment currently on the market, we will find that the production of crystal labels now requires only one printing and laminating all-in-one machine to complete. A2 crystal label printer is based on the A3 crystal label printer upgraded from the A3 crystal label printer, compared with the A3 crystal label printer faster, print width is greater, the price difference is incomparable, can be said to be the most cost-effective crystal label printing equipment.

Taotech Digital, as the first manufacturer to promote this equipment, has a complete crystal label production and processing department, each device is launched in its own production and processing department for more than a month of processing and production, testing the ability of the equipment to receive orders and a variety of problems in operation, and strive for a more comprehensive upgrade in function and performance, and then to the market, to protect the user’s crystal label production We strive to upgrade the functions and performance more comprehensively, and then bring them to the market, so as to guarantee the users’ crystal label production needs.

Taotech Digital’s A2 crystal label printing and laminating machine, printing width widened to 42cm, speed up to 3.5㎡/h, high efficiency and high speed, can meet all kinds of size orders; equipped with four high-precision Epson brand nozzles, high fidelity six-color printing saturation; printing and laminating integrated molding, ready to use, freeing manual; support hot stamping, silver stamping, illusion, laser and other special processes, to meet a variety of orders Requirements, only one equipment, can form a small crystal label production line.

The application of crystal label in daily life is becoming more and more common, the market development prospects are very promising, and Taotech Digital this A2 crystal label printing and laminating machine, can allow entrepreneurs with the lowest cost to enter the crystal label customization market, only need to match all the required supplies to start crystal label receiving orders, high profit return, Taotech Digital to provide a comprehensive and perfect crystal label printing program and professional after-sales service, so that users Welcome customers with ideas and needs to come to the Taotech digital equipment showroom, field understanding of the operation of the equipment, hand in hand to open the crystal label business road! Contact 18028300180 Mr. Wang