Traditional hot stamping is going out of fashion, you know

Speaking of offset stamping, many people must think that the machine will be very expensive, right? In fact, it may not be bigger than the traditional hot stamping machine investment.

Titao digital offset stamping, only need to invest a set of stamping printer and powder shaking machine, basically a one-time investment, covers an area of less than a parking space, and is a one-stop hollow printing and automatic powder shaking, out is the finished product of hot stamping, high efficiency.





For traditional hot stamping, besides the hot stamping printer, laminator and cutting plotter must be bought (12000 yuan for Tu Wang). For complicated patterns, good laser cutting plotter must be bought (23,000 yuan). The operation of each machine is scattered among different machines, which requires the cooperation of many personnel, complicated process and slow efficiency. And laminating machine, cutting plotter, laser engraving machine investment from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and the actual utilization rate is unknown.