The countdown to 7 days, Guangzhou stamp exhibition is about to open

2021/3/17 14:33:06
The 15th guangzhou international textile printing industry and technology exhibition will be held soon

From August 4th to 6th

Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Center

Tetuo digital offset printing powder printing machine 1609 waiting for you


Open - out printing, no need for film - covering, lettering

Automatic shaking powder, heating, drying, one-stop fast production

Patterns feel soft, stretch resistance, resistance to rubbing

No plate-making, no waste discharge, health and environmental protection

Printing 8 to 12 square meters per hour, about 200 T-shirts


This year, the country advocates the market economy and encourages the whole people to start their own businesses. This hot stamping, printing and shaking powder machine has become the first choice for many young people to start their own businesses. Low investment cost, only need tens of thousands of yuan; Covering a small area, less than a parking space, easily can be put into their own home; Automatic intelligent printing, one person can do it. Whether it's to print your own t-shirts, throw pillows, jeans, hats, or to make printing orders, you can easily do it.


The key is that this hot stamping machine is not only convenient and fast for printing, but also has good quality of hot stamping, soft feel, not cold and hard, resistance to rubbing, machine washing and stretching, and the printed products can reach export level. Will slowly replace the traditional hot stamping, the first to start with the machine, is to get the market opportunity.

From August 4th to 6th, we will wait for you at booth No. 1609, Poly World Trade Center, Pazhou, Guangzhou. Be there or be square!