Clothing breathable, is one of the basic requirements of comfort, breathability affects the wearing comfort of fabrics, such as heat insulation and warmth. Fabric breathability is an important way for the body to transmit heat, gaseous moisture and carbon dioxide and other gases to the outside world. A comfortable and breathable T-shirt, fabric breathability is very important, and now T-shirts are basically printed with a variety of beautiful prints, which also has a higher requirement for the breathability of the print.

Ordinary prints, small area does not feel much difference, but the area of large prints will make the whole piece of clothing breathable straight down, hot summer wear not only stuffy but also not absorb sweat, comfort is very poor.

Therefore, Taotech digital innovation in the feel of the large pattern, invented a patented process: a key breathable, so that T-shirt printing will breathe! Equipped with the patented technology of hot stamping printing shaking powder one machine has a total of 4 printing modes, one is the normal printing, suitable for hollow more patterns, the other 3 is a key breathable mode, more suitable for large format pattern printing, the difference between the 3 printing modes is the different size of the air permeable holes, according to the pattern area to choose. And these four printing modes can be switched at any time during the printing process, greatly meet the needs of personalization.

The printing pattern printed with Taotech digital one-touch breathable, the printing pattern effect is bright and colorful, and the naked eye can be seen arranged with a fine air permeability, better stretching, higher comfort, so that the problem of large printing pattern is not breathable is solved!

Taotech digital deep into the spray printing industry for fifteen years, do not forget the original intention, in the spray printing equipment research and development on the road of continuous innovation, in the new era continue to move forward, in the leather printing, shoe materials, water transfer, hot stamping printing and other fields with advanced production technology and professional technical team, focus on providing comprehensive application solutions for the field of spray printing portrait. Starting from the industry pain points, continuous adjustment, continuous solution. Want to know more about printing black technology, focus on Taito digital! Contact:18028300180 Mr. Wang