Printing and hot stamping, you can now print directly hollow out

2021/3/24 17:27:00

Xiao Chen, a sales representative of Taituo Digital, said, "Customers often ask, 'Do you have requirements for the pattern of your hot print printer? Can you print out very complex patterns?"


This problem, Xiaobian can do a solution here. Tetuo digital offset hot stamping printing powder shake machine, the pattern and color are not any special requirements. Basically anything you want to print can be printed out.

The scorching sun in July in guangdong is scorching hot. Walking into the workshop of tituo digital technology is still a busy scene. Unlike many manufacturers in Guangdong now, where three or two people drink tea and chat, here is a busy scene, with fans blowing overhead, workers in each workshop in an orderly and busy way, and there are many machines in the delivery area that are preparing for packing and playing wooden frames.



Turns out they are in a hurry, hurry up the dress machine, hurry up the delivery. From time to time, there are sales come to inquire about the progress, customers urge orders.

Wang, the manager of the sales department, said that since March, after the epidemic, Taituo Digital's all-in-one machine for offbeat printing and printing has become popular on various video platforms, such as Douyin, Kuaishou and some other APPs, which have received a huge amount of inquiries.

Taituo digital offset hot stamping printing powder shake machine is mainly aimed at e-commerce and small studios such as the need for small order quick return customers. An offset stamping printer, a powder shaking machine, a pressing machine, can instantly produce personalized hollow pattern products. Automatic film release, automatic film receiving...... Various humanized designs make it easy for users to save trouble. In addition to intelligence, the machine is designed in all aspects to take care of the small volume production of customers. It includes some designs that are easy to disassemble and replace by a single person. In terms of the size of the machine, the total area of the machine is less than one parking space, and there is an automatic pulley at the bottom, which is even lower than the size of the freight elevator. No walls, no cranes, easy to push into the elevator.


Mr. Wang demonstrated to us that the sprinkler head is 4720. You can see that the finished product printed is not permeable and diffused, with high precision. The lines are clearly marked, and some small details such as whiskers are printed in place. When we asked about the fastness of the finished product, Mr. Wang directly took out a knife to show us. You can see that even if you use a knife to scrape, the pattern does not come off. It can only be scraped off with the cloth. In addition, Mr. Wang also added to us that they have also done another test of scalding in boiling water at high temperature, and the fastness of the products is also stable.