Crystal label development to date, not only on the process has more options, equipment development is also a blossoming, with the market demand to develop a more functional, more cost-effective equipment. The initial generation of crystal label printer, after printing out also need to manually cut down the use of laminating machine for lamination to be truly completed, the labor cost is high, with the further popularity of crystal label in the advertising customization industry, the demand for crystal label customization is growing, so the need for more automatic and flexible crystal label printer equipment.

For example, Zhongshan Taotech Digital Technology Co., Ltd. launched a 60 crystal label laminating machine, a multi-purpose machine, support coil direct spray adhesive, AB film 2 kinds of programs, 4 high-precision nozzle printing fast and accurate, printing laminating winding integration fully automatic, freeing the manual, efficiency straight up! Taito digital is the industry contact crystal label printing earlier equipment manufacturers, with 16 years of experience in research and development, constantly pushing the new, the current crystal label series of equipment in addition to the 60 series of crystal label printer, there is a special small volume of e-commerce individual launched A3 small crystal label printer, can be added to the laminating integrated device, to really play that out, perfect and efficient!

Taotech digital 60 crystal label laminating one machine, in the 30th Shenzhen gift exhibition, a big show, attracting many exhibitors, especially the crystal label is not very familiar with the user, the first contact with the crystal label this new customization process, was attracted by its characteristics, have hands on experience crystal label tear film to leave the word, a sticker that is the advantage, said used in all kinds of custom packaging is very suitable, on the The equipment on site also expressed great interest, the equipment in the exhibition site for a long time printing demonstration to show the user its stable operation, the audience recognized the scene, have asked for orders.

Taotech digital 60 crystal label laminating machine performance advantages.

  1. one machine for multiple uses, support coil direct spray adhesive, AB film 2 kinds of programs.
  2. Equipped with automatic laminating and winding device, freeing manual labor and higher efficiency
  3. The original negative pressure constant temperature ink circuit, heating the ink capsule to prevent flying ink, broken ink, reduce the sensitivity of UV ink to temperature, summer and winter without shutdown.
  4. Configuration of separate light oil UV lamp, light oil printing effect is brighter.
  5. mold integration large platform, printing more stable and smooth.
    6.1.8 liters of large-capacity alarm ink barrel, timely replenishment of ink, improve efficiency.
  6. world-renowned Hansen system with the original negative pressure constant temperature ink circuit system, efficient and stable.
  7. patterns, colors without restrictions, hot stamping and silver can be printed.

Into the crystal label market, the first step is to choose a reliable crystal label printer, Taito digital 60 crystal label laminating all-in-one machine, a multi-use, simple operation, one key to print, one person can see multiple machines. Taotech digital crystal label printer equipped with a more stable printing process, printing speed and stability are better. We sincerely invite like-minded customers to join Taotech, interested users can contact us, you can also go to Zhongshan Taotech equipment showroom to explore. Contact:18028300180 Mr. Wang