Leather printing applications, in daily life has been very common, whether it is belts, leather bags, cosmetic bags, handbags, key bags, or bags and other leather accessories, many have adopted the leather digital printing process, the early leather digital printing is basically the use of UV ink to print, but UV ink contains VOC, the environment and health have a certain impact, with the strengthening of environmental health awareness. Seeking more green pollution-free VOC-free ink has become an urgent requirement for leather printing.

Based on this, Zhongshan Taotech Digital Technology Co., Ltd. launched water-based environmentally friendly dark leather printer, using water-based environmentally friendly ink printing, has excellent weather resistance and dry and wet rubbing fastness and excellent solvent resistance and other characteristics. No coating, can print almost all leather media on the market; that is, dry, can print non-absorbent media, plastic leather, etc.; water-based environmental protection, good fastness, low temperature resistance, waterproof, alcohol and other solvent wipe; standard white ink, you can directly print black, color, gold and silver, and other media with a base color!

In addition, the degree of hardware and software of the equipment itself is also very high, deep plowing printing and painting industry for 16 years, Taito digital adhere to the quality first, the products launched are of excellent quality. The leather printer’s three printheads all use the well-known brand Epson authorized licensed licensed printheads, to ensure smooth printing, fine picture quality; configuration of high-quality integrated motor, good stability, higher efficiency, longer life; there is a cart anti-collision system and strong large drying system to ensure that printing that drying. Speed up to 20 ㎡ / h, direct printing, high printing accuracy, bright color without chromatic aberration, circular ink circuit, smooth printing.

No matter what pattern, water-based environmentally friendly leather printer can print perfectly and flawlessly, and completely tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and non-cracking, suitable for a variety of novel environmental applications, such as environmental requirements of high household goods, children’s products, etc., which will greatly promote the green development of the leather printing market! Visible and UV ink compared to the advantages of using water-based ink printing is more obvious, in the case of printing quality is not the same, more healthy and environmentally friendly water-based ink will undoubtedly be more favored by consumers as well as recognition, after all, the modern concept of social consumption pay more attention to green pollution-free, under the guidance of this concept, the use of water-based ink printing products to not be eliminated by the market.

Water-based ink leather printer in addition to leather, but also can print a variety of media, if you want to understand the printing effect, welcome new and old customers to sample to understand, but also to visit the factory, in the Taotech digital exhibition hall to understand the detailed parameters of the equipment and operating conditions! Contact:18028300180 Mr. Wang