Does the printing printer have static electricity? You need to do that

2021/3/20 15:49:41




Recently, Taituo Digital Technology launched a white ink hot print printer which is particularly suitable for e-commerce and stalls. The biggest feature of this hot stamping machine is one-stop hollow-out printing, which only needs to input pictures from the computer side. No matter simple or complex patterns, no matter single or complex colors, they can perfectly present the effect of floor plan.



This machine is made up of a bronzing printer and a powder shaking machine. After the bronzing printer is printed hollow-out, it will be directly output to the powder shaking machine. After the powder is heated and dried, it can output fine bronzing finished products. These patterns can be cut and pressed directly on the garment.




But many customers are very worried about a problem when consulting, that is, how to do when printing static electricity? Now Xiaobian says how to solve this problem.

1. You can install anti-static tape on the printer, use electrostatic cleaning agent, electrostatic cleaning and other products.

2. Check the main reasons for the printer to produce static electricity: contact, friction and separation between objects, too dry air and other factors, will produce static electricity. In terms of the printing environment, under the same conditions, the lower the humidity, the drier the air, and the higher the electrostatic voltage, the more it affects the normal operation of the printer.

3. Keeping the indoor air moist is one of the most effective ways, and cleaning and wiping the rubber roller into the paper with alcohol can also eliminate some static electricity.

For this reason, Tetuo digital this offset hot print powder shaking machine in the design of the time to consider this problem, so in the rear of the feeding system that the design of the installation of classic rod. It greatly reduces the problem of static electricity and can be purchased at ease.