Do you understand the differences between Korean and offset bronzes

Offset and Korean bronzing are both bronzing processes, but the technological differences between them are small and large. At present, most customers know the Korean hot stamping process, which is not introduced, but for offset hot stamping is still not very clear, today Xiaobian will introduce the difference between offset hot stamping and Korean hot stamping.


"Offset hot stamping" is the use of a very special layer of hot melt powder, spray printed on the PET transfer film, so that the printing material slag-hitting agent into the fabric to produce hot melt off the adhesive working principle and the use of offset printing and ink printing two types of printing technology closely combined production to produce a transfer premise. Because of the actual effect of offset color printing, the pattern design is clear and real, which can exceed the actual effect of photos. Many people name it as offset bronzing according to Kodak photos.


The difference between offset and Korean bronzes:

1. Waste discharge. The use of offset bronzing process is an operation that does not need waste discharge, while Korean bronzing is good no matter what cutting plotter is used. The last step is to manually tear off the white part, so many customers feel that waste discharge is very troublesome.

2. Low production cost. First of all, offset bronzing belongs to mass production, starting with at least 500 bronzing pieces per day, so the cost of each piece of bronzing on average is naturally lower than that of Korean bronzing pieces. However, the cost of offset stamping equipment can be very high, and the price of large machines is at least 1 million or more.

3, high efficiency. Because offbeat bronzing does not need to discharge waste, it is directly sprayed on the PET transfer film, so the production efficiency will be much higher than that of Korean bronzing, and basically dozens of bronzing will be produced by brushing.