According to the data of China Printing and Dyeing Association, China’s digital printing market will grow at an average annual rate of 48% in the next three years, and the market size is expected to exceed 120 billion yuan in 2025, while the proportion of digital printing fabric to the total output of printing fabric has increased from 0.9% in 2011 to 12% in 2020, with a very broad market space.

However, traditional printing technology has shortcomings such as high dosage of dye auxiliaries, many waste water and gas emissions, low automation of production equipment, and strong dependence on experience. During the epidemic, many of the traditional printing enterprises because of the lack of productivity makes it impossible to ship normally, so many manufacturers are in the process of transition to digital printing manufacturers. Because of this, the digital printing factory is also like a spring up constantly. Some enterprises use digital printing technology, the printing equipment has been monopolized by foreign countries, there are slow speed, expensive supplies, parts fragile, poor operational stability and other problems. So how should I buy a reliable digital printing equipment? White ink stamping machine 8-color machine and the difference between 4-color machine

Digital printing factory is more and more, but the market is so big, want to occupy the market must be able to get a share of the market, that requires excellent technology and quality products to attract customers. Ltd. was established in 2006, fifteen years focus on digital printing equipment, digital printing equipment to study the core technology, improve the production process of digital printing equipment, and has a number of patents, in the field of digital printing equipment has achieved certain results, to create a green printing business perseverance, hard work. Taito digital products are tested by the market, and get the favor of many consumers. Among them, the white ink stamping printing machine series products are recognized for printing black technology, equipped with independent research and development of a key breathable, automatic shaking powder, any film and other patented technology, performance advantages, to provide 2 head, 3 head, 4 head equipment, to meet a variety of production needs. Second generation white ink stamping machine

Selection of white ink stamping printing machine mainly consider its operating speed and print quality, Taotech digital and the well-known brand Epson reached a strategic cooperation, each device is equipped with high-quality Epson line nozzle I3200, the nozzle is a corrosion-resistant nozzle, applicable ink water-based, oil-based, solvent, uv, paint, heat sublimation, etc., is a multi-purpose nozzle. And Epson’s unique VSDT (Variable Drop Technology) can freely control the size of the ink droplets ejected, thereby reducing the sense of picture grain, presenting more picture details, smooth color transition, high saturation. White Ink Stamping Machine Receiver

Taito Digital’s white ink stamping printing machine has the following advantages.

1、Fast version: the transfer of the map can be published, without the film sun version

2, save space: 3 meters long and 1.8 meters wide, covering an area of only five or six square, small space can also be put more than one machine.

3, save labor: one person to see more than one machine, and save the screen, plate, sun, paste adjustment, go board, laying cloth to receive cloth and other complex processes.

4、Simple operation: only need to know a little computer to operate, call people at any time during the peak season, without the constraints of professional printing workers

5、Single piece printing: one piece can be printed, suitable for small batch net single and personalization

6、Vivid color: color color saturation is high, the real color is pure enough, the pattern performance is delicate and realistic