Return Policy

If we make mistakes or the product is defective, please call+86-0760-88667090 and consult our customer service department. You must inform us of any defects, shortages and exceptions within 5 days after "receiving" the order, otherwise the order will be considered complete. No return after 30 days.

We are happy to repair or replace the returned item within 30 days after receiving it. Before sending any item back to us, you must have a number (Return Material Authorization Number) and a shipping label/label issued. The validity period is 10 days from the date of issuance. After obtaining the numbering and shipping labels/tags, follow the procedure carefully (see below). Items received with expired numbers will be rejected. All packages without current number will be rejected.

Before calling our customer service department, please pay attention to the following policies:

Printers, laser equipment and other equipment systems, as well as all special order items, including vinyl, are non refundable.

All returns must be returned in original packaging and "new" condition with all accessories. Returned items must be signed for globally by UPS, FEDEX or other traceable carriers and fully insured for loss or damage.

The original freight, handling charge and return freight are not refundable.

No letter of credit shall be issued for any damaged item beyond the scope of repair.

30% of the items exchanged or eligible for refund will be returned if:

They are not in the original box.

Their original boxes were defaced or written on them.

All accessories and packaging materials are non refundable.

60% of the items are damaged, but can be repaired, returned for replacement or meet the refund conditions.

Please note: According to our judgment, the product may be eligible for replacement before it is returned to us for inspection and replacement. In this case, our customer service department will issue a return authorization for you. However, we cannot provide replacement products for free. For more details, please contact our customer service department.

Please observe carefully:

Shipping labels/tags. After obtaining the number issued from the warehouse with the shipping label/tag, follow the instructions provided on the shipping label/tag.

packaging. Please include all packaging materials (foam polystyrene, foam packaging, foam end pieces, etc.)

A boxing return. All items must be returned to the original manufacturer's box. If you do not have an original manufacturer's box, you can purchase a box and ship it to you for return. Cases and freight are non refundable. If you attempt to return the goods by any other means, you will be fully responsible for any and all damages and losses.

Insure your goods. It is recommended that you insure the returned goods in full. Log in to Global. We are not responsible for the return of lost or damaged goods.

All returns must be prepaid. Cash on delivery is not acceptable.

Shipment returns. All returns must be delivered by traceable means (such as UPS, FedEx, Airborne, etc.). If you choose to use USPS, you must insure the returned goods and ensure that the goods are traceable. Log in to Global. We are not responsible for any items that are not sent by any means other than the above requirements.