Payment Methods

You may use the following methods of payment: PayPal, Credit card, T/T Bank Transfer.

Paypal:Paypal Credit:Credit Card:

T/T Bank Transfer:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) payment:(1) Place an order; (2) Get the bank account information of; (3) Make the payment at the bank, and get the Payment Receipt; (4) Send the Payment Receipt to ; (5) Receive the Tracking Number of your order; (6) Wait for your order.

Bank transfer payment information:

  • Name of beneficiary: Tao De Digital Technology Co., Ltd
    Beneficiary Address: No. 6-2, Jinhua Middle Road, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China
    Bank information:
    A/CNO.x440s37 New 001
    Fast code: PCBCCNBJGDZ
    Bank: China Construction Bank Zhongshan Branch.
    Bank address: No. 18, Nanyue Lai Road, Shiqi District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China



Collection and payment method

term of payment:

  1. A) PayPal

We accept PayPal below $200.

Why PayPal?

This is because PayPal is faster and more secure, and buyers do not have to pay transfer fees.

Note: The printer head cannot be refunded or replaced after use. This policy also applies to PayPal transactions


Change and return:

If I am not satisfied with the delivery, can I return it?

If you are not satisfied with your item after receiving it, please log in the world. We promise that within 14 days after the actual delivery of such items, you can return the items to us and get a full refund, provided that the returned items will not affect the subsequent resale, and you should also bear the return costs.

The following situations are considered to be affected by resale:

  1. a) The commodity package is damaged;
  2. b) Its commercial label or mark is scratched or removed, the article is damaged, and even the consumables used with the article have been used;
  3. c) Open the original factory sealed package of the item;
  4. d) Articles produced or manufactured separately according to your customized requirements or special instructions;
  5. e) Non returnable items indicated in our website, proforma invoice or sales contract;
  6. f) Other factors or reasons that may affect resale after return; As the goods may be affected in the subsequent resale, we will continue the refund or return process according to mutual understanding or negotiation confirmation.

The returned purchase is invalid if:

1) Even if there is some damage during transportation, the product can still be used.

2) No claim will be filed within 7 days after the customer receives the product.

3) Return due to difference in color or poor packaging (no impact on use).

4) The returned purchase does not meet the conditions.


1) The returned products can only be exchanged with products of the same style. If the products are out of stock, they must be exchanged with products of the same value.

2) The returned products shall be intact and in the original packaging.

3) Please provide the following information when returning goods: product name or code, problems encountered and your order record.

4) The transportation cost shall be shared equally by both parties.

Return procedure:

If you find a serious problem within 7 days after receiving the product, you should contact the customer service department, and the representative will help you find a solution within 2 working days.