In today’s Internet big data development trend, many Internet entrepreneurial projects have sprung up, such as self-media, webcasting and so on, many people have taken advantage of this high-speed Internet wind to earn their “first bucket of gold”. E-commerce business in particular, the threshold is low, the investment is relatively controllable, becoming the preferred platform for many entrepreneurs.

How to choose a category? Small batch personalization is a very promising trend, a starting order, short lead time, operability, which must not be mentioned in the last two years is a popular advertising customization industry: crystal label customization, and ordinary stickers have a high degree of similarity, but the appearance of more three-dimensional glossy, hollow, no film paper on the surface, relatively speaking, more senior value, and paste on a higher degree of integration with the items, and a wide range of applications, becoming a personalized category. And a wide range of applications, becoming a personalized hot process.

Low threshold for starting a business, this A2 crystal label printer can pay back in a month. Taotech digital A2 crystal label printing and laminating all-in-one machine, print width widened to 42cm, speed up to 3.5 square meters / h, high efficiency and high speed, can meet all kinds of size orders; equipped with four high-precision Epson brand nozzle, high fidelity six-color printing saturation; printing and laminating all-in-one molding, that is, to play, liberate the manual; support hot stamping, hot silver, illusion, laser and other special processes, to meet a variety of orders Requirements, only one equipment, you can create a complete small crystal label production line. Crystal label is a new process in the advertising customization industry, with a huge market capacity and super performance advantages or can replace most of the application market of self-adhesive labels. This equipment is also very friendly to novices, no need to have deep professional knowledge, will be able to complete the basic computer operation of the crystal label printing. The operation of the device is also simple and straightforward, foolproof operation, no need to invest extra time and cost to learn how to operate.

With the increasing popularity of the crystal label in the mass consumer market, or very promising, crystal label this new process similar to self-adhesive, the scope of application is very wide, transferable materials including acrylic, PVC, KT, steel, iron, aluminum, glass marble, various types of packaging boxes and other advertising materials, crystal label paste transfer process is also very convenient and fast, a paste a tear easily Complete, tear the film to leave the word, no film paper on the surface, in the light irradiation presents a beautiful 3D three-dimensional sense, the overall transparency and luster, stick on can easily improve product sophistication, higher than ordinary stickers playability, more popular.

In the face of unlimited market development opportunities, seize the wind is the invariable truth of the success of ordinary people entrepreneurship, crystal label in daily life is increasingly common, the market development prospects are very promising, and Taotech digital this A2 crystal label printing laminating all-in-one machine, which allows entrepreneurs with the lowest cost to enter the crystal label custom market, only need to match all the required supplies to start the crystal label to take orders, high profit return. Taotech Digital provides a comprehensive and perfect crystal label printing program and professional after-sales service, so that users are free from worries, welcome customers with ideas and needs to come to Taotech Digital equipment showroom, field understanding of the operation of the equipment, hand in hand to open the crystal label business road welcome customers in need of advice to understand, but also to Taotech Digital showroom field inspection of the operation of the equipment, address: Shalang, Zhongshan City, West District 6-2 Jinhua Middle Road