What are the characteristics of offset bronzing

What is the good of the current printing printer? Of course, the offset printing printer without waste discharge is a production equipment, which perfectly solves the problems of difficult waste discharge and waste discharge for customers. The printing production speed of the machine is very fast, which is 3 times the speed of the original Korean printing.


The biggest feature of this small offset hot stamping machine is that it does not need to discharge waste. It can be printed on a special heat transfer film. It can be directly imprinted on the clothes at high temperature by pressing machine, without any restriction on any fabrics (pure cotton, polyester, cotton and linen, etc.).


Four characteristics of offset bronzing:

1. The color is gorgeous, the color collocation is clear and delicate, and the photo special effect;

2. Resistance to elongation, obvious restoration effect, color fastness to washing;

3. Good at reflecting the fine and light effects of decorative patterns;

4. Use SGS green environmental protection (national standard textile products: total lead, nine metal elements, phthalates, azo dyes, organic tin, benzene series, formaldehyde content);