Is traditional pyrography out of date

This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, economic exports to domestic sales, small business machines are on the rise, for example, the upgraded version of the offset hot print produced by Tetuo Digital has attracted the attention of the majority of the printing industry. So what are the differences between ordinary and Tetor digital offsetting bronze?

1. Differences in technological processes

Traditional hot stamping needs to print the processed pictures first, and then use the laminating machine to laminate. If you need the hollow out effect of the pattern, you need to use the cutting machine to engrave the words. If the pattern is more complex, you need laser engraving, and finally tear the film and hot pressing.

And Thai billiton digital offset pyrograph is a lot of process simple, first of all use PS to figure processing, directly handle need hollow out into hollow out design is covered with white ink layer, and then through the printing software can print directly hollow out design, print and send to shake to dusting powder machine, shake powder, heating, drying, the pyrograph is finished products. The whole process is printed in a one-stop shop and can be done by only one person.


  1. The difference in the hand feel of patterns

    Offset type hot stamping, after hot pressing feel soft, wearing skin-friendly comfort


Traditional hot stamping, cold and hard texture, wearing airtight, looks and feels hard

3, the difference of washing resistance

The adhesion of traditional hot stamping is not strong. After washing for several times, it will crack and fall, and there will be a sticky glue feeling.


Tetor digital printing offset hot print tensile resistance, water resistance, dry and wet rubbing fastness up to 4, dozens of washing will not crack offset feeling.