Explanation of the 6 - section drying system of offset hollow stamping printing and shaking powder integrated machine

2021/3/17 14:57:05
Tetuo digital offset hot stamping digital printing powder shake machine fire, many printing industry people compete to consult, one of the 6 sections of baking attracted their attention. After all, drying is also very important for digital printers to print products. Traditional silk-screen printing and hot stamping, because there is no drying system, after printing also have to print, so it will waste a lot of time.

But Tietuo digital offset printing powder shake machine, can achieve fast play fast release fast, because it has a 6 - section baking system.

1. The printer has three sections of drying in front, middle and back. There is a special temperature control switch and temperature display screen on the left side of the printer. At the time of printing, the pattern can be dried.



2. The pattern printed by the printer will be output to the powder shaker for pre-heating


3. The machine will automatically sprinkle and shake the powder. There will also be a heating system to help the hot melt powder adhere to the white ink layer part better


4. The hot melt powder of the pattern is heated through the guide belt transmission to increase the wash fastness of the pattern. The whole time through the guide belt is about 2-3 minutes.



5, guide belt drying transfer is the hot stamping finished products, can be directly taken to press hot, can also be rolled to save, there will be no ink paste phenomenon.