Customized clothing is a very good market. With the growing demand for aesthetic and personalized clothing from the public, various fashionable clothing brands with printed patterns emerge one after another. As long as the quality is up to standard, there will be no market. Now, more and more garment printing businesses use digital printing to print, from small roadside stalls to large group cultural shirts. In consideration of the limitations of the space and capital of the new entrepreneurs, Zhongshan Taotech Digital Co., Ltd., which has been deeply engaged in inkjet printing equipment for 16 years, solemnly launched a desktop mini white ink hot stamping printing machine covering less than 1 m2, bringing more reliable entrepreneurial projects to ordinary entrepreneurs. Epson a3 white ink hot stamping machine
30cm white ink hot stamping machine, A3 mini white ink hot stamping printing machine launched by Taotech Digital, covers a small area and is cost-effective. It integrates printing, powder spreading, drying and automatic reeling. Fast production speed, up to 5 ㎡ per hour, accuracy up to 2400DPI photo level, lifelike and delicate, no need to stroke, full hollowing, no carving, bright colors, good printing effect, color fastness above level 4, washable, fine printing, clear small letters, white ink circulation system, no blocking of the nozzle, can print any fabric, any color, the matching powder shaking machine automatically shakes powder, low labor cost, fast and uniform powder shaking, The powder shall be clean and free of residue. It shall be baked immediately after being sprayed. The hot melt powder shall be dried after being sprayed, heated and solidified, and the patterns shall be dried in bright colors. How much is a white ink hot stamping machine
This A3 white ink hot stamping printing machine, which is small but powerful and has no inferior printing quality, will certainly inject new development momentum into the clothing printing market. One person and one device can form a small processing factory, which will greatly reduce the threshold of personalized clothing customization, allowing more and more consumers to customize clothes with various patterns at will. It fills the demand gap of small batch personalized customization. Moreover, this equipment is more convenient to transport and move, and occupies a small area, which also makes its processing place more flexible. The night market stalls can be directly moved to the site for printing, and the intuitive effect will attract more customers’ attention. A3 white ink hot stamping machine manufacturer
Zhongshan Taotech Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on inkjet printing equipment for 16 years, has a number of invention patents, and has excellent technical innovation strength. In addition to this low-cost entrepreneurial artifact, it also has 2, 3, and 4 white ink hot stamping printing equipment, crystal label printer, leather printer, etc. to choose from. It provides professional printing application solutions in an all-round way without the needs of customers, Professionals provide one-to-one services before, during and after sales. Customers who need help are welcome to inquire!