7.12-14 Shanghai International Digital Printing Technology Exhibition, Taotech digital UV label equipment appointment you!

2023 WEPACK World Packaging Industry Expo
will bring together its subsidiary SinoCorrugated
China Packaging Container Expo
Shanghai International Digital Printing Technology Exhibition
Shanghai International Paper Exhibition
Food Container Processing Equipment & Technology Exhibition
Six thematic exhibitions in Shanghai, China!

WEPACK will be held in Shanghai, China from July 12-14 at the China National Convention and Exhibition Center (CNEC) to capture the economic recovery season in July, reaching out to the whole country and the world. WEPACK is expected to attract more than 100,000 buyers with high purchasing power, allowing exhibitors to showcase their products and technologies in greater depth, and visitors to save time from shopping around and get a more systematic overview of the packaging industry chain, making it a super event for the global packaging industry chain.




Ltd. will make a grand appearance with its crystal label series products, July 12-14, we invite you to meet together at WEPACK World Packaging Industry Expo Taotech Digital 1B634 booth number, feel the new customization experience brought by crystal label printing, to discuss business opportunities, and seek common development!

As a leading technology brand in the industry, Taotech Digital was invited to participate in the exhibition, 2023 Taotech Digital actively participated in the first half of the cumulative total of a number of exhibitions of different sizes, each exhibition has gained a lot of professional customers unanimously praise and praise, while receiving a lot of orders, a lot of harvest.


As a technical manufacturer in the digital printing industry for 17 years, Taotech Digital has two years of experience in the research and development of crystal label equipment and crystal label processing production experience, its equipment is easy to operate, outstanding performance, sound after-sales service guarantee system, the equipment can be installed immediately into production, the whole escort for you, this exhibition Taotech Digital will bring this year's exhibition hot hot models of equipment exhibitors, 60CM printing Wide crystal label printing and laminating machine and small A2 crystal label printing and laminating machine and other equipment, full-featured, including crystal label custom large and small capacity needs, and provide professional more suitable for your printing program, more new upgraded crystal label partial hot stamping reverse varnish a molding process, more Taotech digital independent research and development cutting system live demonstration, absolutely worth to feel the actual equipment and process printing program. July 12-14, Shanghai, China - China National Convention and Exhibition Center, Taotech digital 1B634 booth number we do not see you!



Taotech digital independent research and development cutting system

With the popularity of crystal label printing customization, the order quantity has increased greatly, but the crystal label orders are small, many and scattered, the pattern quantity is huge, just rely on manual cutting is far from enough, the ordinary cutting machine need to do another cutting channel, out of the map layout and so on are costing a lot of man-hours, in order to solve this problem, Taotech digital combined with the actual production of some problems encountered, independent research and development of a set of production cutting software system. This system can be said to solve the current problem of large and scattered crystal label orders, more efficient completion of orders. This system has the following 4 advantages.

(1) Uniform standards for file names, more convenient management, and easy traceability of after-sales issues

(2) no extra files to do cutting channel, can quickly out of the map, reduce errors, more efficient

(3) The software automatically identifies the file and generates a two-dimensional code, automatically typesetting and generating a cutting path

(4) through the WIFI Bluetooth cutting file copy transfer to multiple cutting machines, can achieve many-to-many cutting, any one cutting machine can scan the code to start cutting