There is no single worry, there is also worry, the hot print printer of Tituo Digital

The year 2020 is destined to be extraordinary. Affected by the epidemic, many enterprises are facing the test of survival, and a large number of enterprises have even gone bankrupt. In this case, in order to relieve the pressure of employment, the state encouraged the whole people to start businesses, and began to advocate the economy of land sharing again. Start-up machines with small costs and small investments are admired in the printing industry.


Recently, Taituo Digital Technology launched a white ink hot print printer which is particularly suitable for e-commerce and stalls. The biggest feature of this hot stamping machine is one-stop hollow-out printing, which only needs to input pictures from the computer side. No matter simple or complex patterns, no matter single or complex colors, they can perfectly present the effect of floor plan. This machine is made up of a bronzing printer and a powder shaking machine. After the bronzing printer is printed hollow-out, it will be directly output to the powder shaking machine. After the powder is heated and dried, it can output fine bronzing finished products. These patterns can be cut and pressed directly on the garment.


The procedure is simple and convenient, without the need of the traditional film and lettering part, the printing efficiency is a multiple improvement. By the attention of many people in the printing industry, and even some young people who want to start a business. This machine price is not high, and easy to operate, small white are easy to get started cover an area of less than a parking space, very suitable for brothers, husband and wife business.

As for the market prospects of this product, wang always very happy commitment, as long as willing to contact him, he is willing to cut the finished film mailed to each manufacturer, so that everyone's own experiment. Even if you are willing to send him the cloth sample, he is also willing to send back the hot stamping sample, so that everyone can personally see and feel the quality of the finished product. If you have to ask what the problem is, it may be that there are too many bookings, some of the demand is not enough. According to the introduction of Mr. Wang, now there are more than one hundred customers in the queue to order the machine, and the manufacturing factory there are some busy.

It can be said that the white ink printing scheme of Tao Tech Digital Technology Co., Ltd. perfectly fits the trend of the development of market economy and e-commerce economy. We also hope that more and more printing retailers will stand out in this trend and drive the whole industrial chain to survive and develop together during the epidemic.