The stability of the process is the top priority of UV Label printing: Taotech Digital.

The recent popularity of the UV Label is actually nothing new in the advertising industry. It actually appeared more than a decade ago, but at that time it was called an inductive pressure standard in the industry, and it was also because the tedious process of traditional screen printing hindered its wide promotion. 

How tedious was the early traditional craft? 
First of all, it is necessary to prepare the adhesive and printing ink in advance, prepare the main and auxiliary materials, and design the printing film and printing plate in advance; the second step is to coat the surface of the high-density material with free silicone oil; the third step is to print the prepared adhesive; the fourth step is to print the prepared protective base oil; the fifth step is to print the prepared color ink; the sixth step is to print the UV protective varnish and then dry it by UV. 

The seventh step, abdominal high viscosity protective film, and then cut the finished product; step 8, when in use, tear open the protective film together with the transfer label, aim at the position of the product surface to be reposted, and then tear off the protective transfer film after pressing it directly. 
At this point, it takes at least 8 steps to really complete the production and transfer application of a UV Label mark. 
And the traditional technology produces some irritating gases more or less in the process of printing, which is harmful to the environment and health, which has become one of the important obstacles to its promotion. 
With the rapid development of digital printing technology, the UV Label printing process is gradually separated from the traditional screen printing process, which has once again triggered an upsurge in the industry because of its simple and fast transfer process advantages. 

A large number of UV Label printing equipment began to appear on the market, but experts know that the difficulty of UV Label printing is not equipment, but a stable process. 
On this basis, Taotech Digital, which has been standing in the industry for 15 years, has launched its UV Label Standard Printer, which uses high-quality parts, well-known authentic sprinklers, and carries the UV digital printing scheme that has been tested for countless times, and the process is simple without plate making, waste discharge, and a starting printing. the UV Label standard printed out has bright color and good glossiness, and 3D effects can be produced as needed, and transfer printing is convenient, energy-saving, environmental protection and beautiful. 
The equipment was solemnly launched at the Shanghai Guangzhou Printing Exhibition in July, exploding the exhibition site, and some customers chose Taotech Digital to issue orders on the spot after comparing a number of processes, and the stable process plan won many favor. 

UV Label tuyere is still strong, all kinds of shoes and hats, clothing accessories, bags, glass works of art, tea box labels, handicrafts, wood, plastic, sports equipment, helmets, and other products are its scope of application. Customers who want to know are welcome to contact Taotech Digital for detailed understanding, contact: 18028300180 Mr. Wang.