Small white ink stamping printer efficiency king - Taotech digital A2 white ink stamping DTF printer

According to the domestic custom clothing industry market growth rate forecast, in 2023, the market size of China's custom clothing industry can reach 260 billion yuan. With the increase of application scenarios for custom clothing target groups, the business situation of China's custom clothing enterprises continues to improve, which is a promising entrepreneurial direction. Compared with the traditional printing method, digital printing has no starting quantity, more flexible production method, and pollution-free and green, which is the preferred production method for garment customization start-ups. Ltd. is proud to introduce a small footprint, cost-effective small A2 white ink stamping printer, is a more suitable for the start-up of machinery and equipment to achieve a low-threshold entrepreneurial helper.

Small white ink stamping printing machine has a new brand nozzle brought by the super high cost performance, equipped with the new i1600-A1 Epson brand authorized nozzle, super high cost performance; 420mm printing width is adjusted according to the international T-shirt stamping size, layout more convenient, to achieve full printing; small equipment speed king: printing speed 4 square meters / h, faster than ordinary A3 white ink stamping printer 1 square meters per hour or so. Matching A2 automatic powder back shaking powder machine, equipped with Taito digital automatic powder back patented technology, (Patent No.: CN212353225U) a time to add powder recycling, saving labor, improve efficiency; guide belt transmission feed, the current market in the small shaking powder machine rare guide belt transmission design, tunnel baking; saving material proofing, independent receiving power device, proofing can be cut at will, more material saving; platform practical design The top is smoke free, large platform design is convenient to place items; size standard, our shaking powder machine size is adapted to the standard door frame size at home and abroad (80CM), more convenient for transportation.

Taotech digital launch of A2 small white ink stamping printing machine, covers an area of small, cost-effective, set printing, automatic return powder, shaking powder, drying, automatic winding as one. Production speed of 4 square meters per hour, precision 1440DPI, printing pattern realistic and delicate, no strokes full hollow without carving, bright colors, color fastness more than 4 levels, washable, printing fine, small letters fine lines can also be clearly rendered. The equipment is also equipped with a white ink circulation system, not blocking the nozzle, can print any fabric, any color, supporting the automatic return to the powder patent shaking powder machine, intelligent powder, shaking powder, automatic return to the powder, fast and even shaking powder, shaking powder clean and no residue; equipped with intelligent temperature controller, can adjust the powder strength and mesh belt speed, according to the printing speed to adjust the drying strength, that is dry, improve production efficiency.


 This equipment printing quality is not inferior to the small white ink stamping printing machine will certainly inject a new impetus for the development of the clothing printing market, a person a device can form a small clothing customization line, which will greatly reduce the threshold of personalized clothing customization, so that more and more consumers customize various patterns of clothing as they wish. Fill the demand gap of small batch personalization, and this equipment is relatively more convenient to transport and move, covering an area of small, which also makes its processing methods more flexible and versatile.

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