In modern daily life, we receive most of the information from the labels on various supplies, brands, usage, precautions and so on, various shapes and sizes of labels can be seen everywhere, and with the development of the economy, the change in consumer attitudes, consumers have become more and more diversified on the aesthetics of the label, and have higher requirements for its material.

Traditional crystal label printing method in advance to prepare a good adhesive and printing ink, but also in advance to design a good printing film and printing plate, the printing process involves cloth release silicone oil, adhesive, protective primer, each color ink, UV protection varnish and other chemical substances, not only high production costs, and the process is very complex, easy to pattern and glue alignment inaccuracy, more importantly, the production process is pungent odor, the gas produced may be harmful to the body. The gas produced may harm the body and pollute the environment, which seriously limits the healthy development of the industry.

Based on this, Taotech digital market demand-oriented, technology-supported, digging deep into the market pain points, after innovative research and development, the introduction of an extremely simple process and relatively environmentally friendly crystal label printer, it is reported that Taotech digital follow the market development trend, the launch of the 60 series of crystal label printing and laminating all-in-one machine, the device can be printed at the same time laminating winding, printing speed in the printing of about 3 square per hour This machine can print and laminate at the same time, and the printing speed is about 3 square meters per hour, which can free the labor to the greatest extent, thus improving the production efficiency and reducing production pressure. The overall performance of Taotech UV DTF printer is also very outstanding, the body uses a solid steel frame, with imported silent guide, trolley anti-collision device and mold integration platform, printing more stable and smooth; equipped with high-quality well-known brand Hansen board, four high-quality high-precision printing nozzles, multiple protection of print quality; also equipped with a smoother printing negative pressure cycle ink circuit, to prevent flying ink, ink breakage, and reduce the sensitivity of UV ink to temperature. Reduce the sensitivity of UV ink to the temperature, to ensure that the heat of the ink capsule does not stop in the summer and winter, as well as a separate varnish UV lamp to make the varnish printing effect brighter; more devices with a 1.8-liter large-capacity alarm ink barrel, to remind the timely replenishment of ink, so that higher production efficiency. In order to meet the needs of different customers, in addition to the production and sales of crystal label printer equipment, Taotech Digital also opened a crystal label printing order business, a starting print, for customers to compress the cost of customization to a lower, actively seeking more like-minded partners to join.

Compared to the traditional process of making crystal labels, Taotech digital launch of the crystal label is also very easy to use, just cut, paste, pressure, tear four steps to easily complete the entire transfer process: align the location to be affixed, select the desired sticker pattern and cut it out, then align the material to be affixed to the location, and gently press, for the crystal label stickers without tearing the film that the pattern transfer is complete. For crystal label stickers that need to tear the film, the protective film on the surface of the sticker will be gently torn off, that is, to complete the pattern transfer. Welcome to contact Taotech Digital if you are interested!