Live from the scene! Taotech Digital UV label printer Shanghai wide printing exhibition report!

June 18, 2023, APPPEXPO Shanghai International Wide Printing Exhibition in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) grand opening! Since this year, the Chinese and foreign markets have opened up, and the internal and external circulation is great, and the holding of APPPEXPO Shanghai International Canton Printing Exhibition is an important driving force for the economic recovery of the industry to improve. Many exhibitors competed to release new products, new designs, new technologies, new materials, new strategies, face-to-face negotiations with professional buyers, seeking cooperation, sharing resources, and lighting up new horizons, and customers who reached cooperation and intention directly were lined up, meeting the demand for business cooperation at different levels of the industry chain. The exhibition site was crowded.

The exhibition site is crowded, exhibitors and visitors are enthusiastic, communication and cooperation are the most common scenes at the exhibition. In the booth of Taito Digital in Chinese red logo color, it is crowded, and the exhibited equipment has been favored by many professional customers and exploded one after another! Taito digital exhibition, with its full line of star products exhibitors, each equipment is very cost-effective, full of highlights! Whether you want to know about digital printing white ink stamping equipment or the current hot crystal label printing equipment, you can find your favorite equipment at the booth of Taito Digital, and through the professional staff's explanation of the equipment for a deeper understanding.


The booth is very popular when the Taotech digital A2 UV label printing and laminating machine, the equipment focus on small orders, a starting print, individual e-commerce short single more flexible, while you can match the gold foil, silver foil, illusion foil and other hot stamping foil, the process more change more possibilities, to help customers expand product applications according to demand, improve the added value of products, increase profits. The equipment supports the crystal label local hot stamping process also attracted the attention of many exhibitors, the process uses reverse double varnish printing process, color patterns can also print a layer of varnish, and the varnish on the color pattern in the hot stamping will not be hot on gold, to achieve the effect of crystal label varnish effect and hot stamping process coexist, is currently the crystal label local hot stamping market a unique technology process.

There are also Taotech digital A2 white ink stamping printer with many advantages to become the meat and potatoes of the exhibition, more suitable body size and more in line with the actual printing of 420mm printing width, and then with a small shaking powder machine with automatic powder back patent, small size and high efficiency, is the king of efficiency in white ink stamping small equipment.

The exhibition came to the third day, every day Taotech digital booth site is extremely hot, each audience is full of expectation and come, after communication with the staff on site, our brand and products are very recognized, Taotech digital burst single after single, the short report frequently, as of press time has reached more than 50 sets of cooperation, the exhibition coincides with the 618 promotion, purchase machine discount unprecedented, the exhibition is still today and tomorrow 2 days, you are welcome to come to Taotech You are welcome to come to Taotech's booth for on-site exchange and cooperation! Tao digital booth number: 7.2 Hall B2059