Although the Chinese team was absent from this year’s World Cup, there was no lack of Chinese elements at the World Cup. From the game stadium, to the water supply network, to the power security, made in China for the Qatar World Cup to provide strong support. In particular, China Yiwu produced all kinds of World Cup peripherals, including the flag of each participating team, watching the game just need to horn whistle, etc., and a variety of commemorative jerseys, scarves, pillows, the Hercules Cup ornaments, most of them are made in Yiwu, China, occupying more than 70% of the market share.

In all kinds of souvenirs printed on the World Cup LOGO, in addition to the traditional screen printing, now you can also choose the crystal label this process. Crystal label, also known as UV transfer paste, is a kind of ready-to-use similar to the self-adhesive label process, the biggest difference is that the crystal label full hollow, no surface film, tear the film to leave the word, three-dimensional sense of gloss are better. A tear a sticker can be transferred to most smooth flat label and logo logo stickers.

Crystal label can transfer 99% of the material: plastic, glass, crystal, acrylic, ceramic, metal, fabric, leather, silicone, wood products, etc., a wide range of applications, all walks of life are applicable, such as: gifts, handicrafts, food, home textiles, chemicals, toys, catering, daily chemical, tobacco and alcohol, medicine, hardware, machinery industry, etc..

The production of World Cup souvenirs is naturally suitable, crystal label / UV transfer sticker belongs to a new process of rapid labeling and LOGO customization, and the traditional label is completely different, the traditional to large quantities of printing, long time cycle, small amount of high prices, personalized inflexible and other pain points. Crystal label printer this small machine just to fill the market gap, can do a start printing, the fastest minutes to take the finished product.

High timeliness makes the crystal label become the preferred labeling process for all kinds of events, the crystal label is simple and quick to use, a tear a sticker to complete an exclusive custom products, with how much sticker how much, effective cost control, reduce inventory pile, more suitable for small activities event souvenir customization needs. Taito Digital provides small A2 crystal label printer and large 60 series crystal label printer, optional printing and laminating all-in-one model, a machine to complete the crystal label printing and laminating finished products, high efficiency, cost-effective in one.

In particular, the volume is more flexible and compact A2 crystal label printing and laminating all-in-one machine, desktop-level crystal label printing equipment, a start printing, super cost-effective; printing and laminating integrated molding, ready to use; printing width 42cm, speed 3.5 square meters / h, fast and efficient; high-precision high-fidelity six-color printing, support hot stamping / hot silver / illusion / laser and other special processes, small body has a large energy, is The small body has a large power, is a well-deserved business tool! Welcome customers who need to consult to understand!