What are the advantages of offset bronzing

In 2020, ordinary hot stamping can not meet the needs of some customers, and a more rapid and effective process is needed. Xiaobian recommends offset hot stamping. What is offset stamping? It is with the help of a very special layer of hot melt powder, sprayed on a transfer film, so that the printing material slag-hitting agent into the fabric to produce hot dissolve off the adhesive working principle and the use of offset printing and ink printing two types of printing technology closely combined production to produce a transfer premise of the process. This is an offset burn.



This process of offset stamping has advantages over ordinary stamping in both efficiency and speed. Of course, the machine cost of the hot stamping printer will be more expensive, but basically this set of machines can be put into production and use, while ordinary hot stamping also has to cover film, engraving, hollow carving, and the process is very cumbersome.



Four characteristics of offset bronzing:

1. The color is gorgeous, the color collocation is clear and delicate, and the photo special effect;

2. Resistance to elongation, obvious restoration effect, color fastness to washing;

3. Good at reflecting the fine and light effects of decorative patterns;

4. Use SGS green environmental protection (national standard textile products: total lead, nine metal elements, phthalates, azo dyes, organic tin, benzene series, formaldehyde content);


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