Traditional packaging customization has three major pain points, that is, “high prices, landing difficult, slow production”, which is due to the high threshold of traditional factory packaging customization purchase orders, resulting in high price costs for small and medium volume orders, production is difficult to take care of matching, and with the rise of personalized customization, product packaging life cycle is short, packaging image design Adjustment is fast leading to difficulty in landing. Coupled with the customization process there are many problems such as geography, order size and design communication process is cumbersome, long order transaction cycle, the process can not be accurately controlled, the packaging customization market urgently seeking a more flexible and efficient printing process.

Crystal label perfectly fits the requirements of packaging customization, crystal label, is a layer of glue, white ink, patterns, varnish, etc. on the release paper printed into a pattern, and then covered with transfer film, the use of transfer film to transfer the pattern to the surface of the item, similar to a self-adhesive label printing process. Crystal label has very obvious advantages compared with ordinary labels, bright patterns, rich colors, strong three-dimensional sense, high gloss, easy to bring up when the transfer easy to separate, do not leave residual glue, a start printing subvert the traditional advertising personalized customization market, advertising and packaging customization industry has become a big hit process.

A high-efficiency and cost-effective crystal label printer can easily solve the pain points in the process of packaging customization. Recommended Taotech UV DTF printer, the device can be printed while laminating and winding, printing speed in about 3 square meters per hour, the maximum degree of manual liberation, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing production pressure. The overall performance of Taotech UV DTF printer is also very outstanding, the body of the solid steel frame, with imported silent guide, trolley anti-collision device and mold integration platform, printing more stable and smooth; equipped with high-quality well-known brand Hansen board, four high-quality high-precision printing nozzles, multiple protection of print quality; also equipped with a smoother printing negative pressure cycle ink circuit, to prevent flying ink, ink breakage, and reduce the sensitivity of UV ink to temperature. Reduce the sensitivity of UV ink to the temperature, to ensure that the heat of the ink capsule does not stop in the summer and winter, as well as a separate varnish UV light to make the varnish printing effect brighter; more devices have a 1.8-liter large-capacity alarm ink barrel, to remind the timely replenishment of ink, so that the production efficiency is higher.

Crystal label packaging customization with the sticker, breaking the traditional packaging customization routine, any time to adjust the outer packaging design, in order to stand out in the ever-changing custom market, to attract more consumers’ attention and enhance product sales. Taotech UV DTF printer, a multi-purpose machine to help the packaging customization market, for product empowerment.