Crystal label market prospects for all to see, the country’s large and small crystal label processors are springing up, the market is booming, but also proved that the crystal label process has a huge potential. Correspondingly, the crystal label printing equipment has been upgraded according to the changes in the market, more and more styles, functions are becoming more and more perfect, in addition to the initial generation of conventional large 60 crystal label printer, there are small crystal label printer. Today we will talk about the small batch of crystal label processing, choose A2 crystal label printer or A3 crystal label printer better.

The limited ability of individual studios to receive orders, small quantities of crystal label personalization to buy a large crystal label printer is obviously not realistic, the cost of investment is too large, the return cycle is relatively long, so a small crystal label printer is the better choice. The first small crystal label printer on the market is A3 crystal label printer, print width 30cm, speed in 2 square meters per hour, the price advantage is large, small footprint, placement and transport are more convenient and flexible, so once launched also won the favor of many electricians.

And with the further booming of the crystal label market, this A3 crystal label printer slowly began to keep up with the capacity, in the small batch of crystal label processing market is slightly chicken, on the basis of this equipment, the emergence of A2 crystal label printer to better meet the needs of small batch crystal label custom processing. As the name suggests, A2 crystal label printer printing width than A3 crystal label printer width to be wider, print width widened to 42cm, the printing speed per hour to 3.5 square meters, but the price is similar to the A3 crystal label printer, in addition to printing, but also increased the laminating function, printing laminating all-in-one to complete, more efficient, but also save the price of laminating machine.

A2 crystal label printing laminating machine is obviously more suitable for the current stage of growth of the crystal label small batch order market, and this small crystal label printer performance is powerful, equipped with four high-precision Epson brand nozzle, high-fidelity six-color printing, printing integrated molding, ready to use, direct spray adhesive, AB film program a machine dual-use, and also supports hot stamping, hot silver, illusion, laser and other special processes, to solve the A3 crystal label printer capacity is not high defects, then the crystal label small batch processing custom choice which equipment? The answer is obvious. Interested friends can contact 18028300180 Mr. Wang