Unlike the traditional printing and dyeing workshop, digital printing workshop does not have any odor nor sewage discharge, multiple machines can run at the same time, the workshop only one worker can completely cope with, there is no dependence on personnel, all matters are set by the program inside the system, the high efficiency completely subvert the traditional screen printing tedious process, become more and more fast fashion clothing customization open flexible fast reverse mode of choice equipment.

The most important reason why it can stand out is that digital printing is not a requirement for the minimum quantity, one can print, and the workshop can operate continuously 24 hours a day, only this flexible enough processing method can help the garment customization business to achieve the real flexible fast counter.

Any time, any place, any amount can be produced, Taito Digital’s white ink stamping printer can complete this new mode of near-extreme flexible fast-reverse. Taito Digital has 17 years of experience in research and development of inkjet printing equipment, its 2 head, 3 head, 4 head white ink stamping printer, and with automatic shaking powder machine, higher efficiency, the whole set of equipment strong combination, for the garment customization flexible fast reverse to buy more time.

Taito digital high-speed 4 head white ink stamping printer 60E4K speed and quality are guaranteed, using the well-known brand Epson line nozzle, and the use of full staggered arrangement, fast speed, high precision. 8pass speed up to 15 square meters / h, 4pass speed up to 22 square meters / h, a piece can be printed, large quantities of customization is no pressure! And has the following advantages.

1, fast typing: the transfer of the map can be published, no need to film the sun screen version

2, save space: about 3 meters long and 1.8 meters wide, covering an area of only five or six square feet, a small space can also be put more than one machine.

3, save labor: one person to see more than one machine, and save the screen, plate, sun, paste adjustment, go board, laying cloth to receive cloth and other complex processes.

4、Simple operation: only need to know a little computer to operate, call people at any time during the peak season, without the constraints of professional printing workers

5、Single piece printing: one piece can be printed, suitable for small batch net single and personalization

6, bright colors: color color saturation is high, the real color is pure enough, the pattern performance is delicate and realistic

7, wide range of applications: printing factories, garment factories, personalization, net single sales and other craft factories can be used, the product can be applied to clothes, pants, hats, bags, home textiles, etc., adaptability is relatively strong.

8, environmental protection: waterless, tasteless, smokeless and dust-free production process, pollution-free green environmental protection, in line with national environmental protection requirements.

Taotech digital four-head white ink stamping printer, to achieve a key hollow printing, no engraving, white color with the same out, efficient and fast, more stable performance, printing brilliant colors, rich layers, the picture is delicate and realistic, and hard rubbing stretching without deformation, washing fastness up to 4. With automatic powder shaking machine, the upper, middle and lower three spirals automatically back to the powder, without frequent pouring powder, simple operation, save time and effort, to achieve quality and speed, is a veritable black technology printing equipment! Taotech Digital is committed to independent research and development of digital printing equipment and printing control system with excellent performance, with “one key breathable”, “automatic powder return”, “arbitrary film” and many other patents, with Lower cost to achieve greater production capacity, welcome the need for business consultation to discuss!